Vertrusia is the very planet were the world of Ersarn was created. This glowing ball of three quaters water and 1 quater land was created eons ago by an unknown force. Many claim that the higher powers the gods created this shining planet, but recent times dispute this, saying that even the gods could not have designed this maginificent wold. WIthin Vertrusia, there are many nations all of whom hold great. Though there are other nations, the focus of the eternal glory game will mainly set it's sited on Ersarn, and its five empowering countries. They are: Erkrition, Shearantis, Keragar and Tealen.

Some of the other known nations in Vertrusia are:

But we musn't forget that the planet is also inhabited by the dark side of god's children. These are the dronargs, the foul creatures that live amongst the side-realm of Raydetha which is ruled over by the dark god, the 11th deity, Borarus.