Tuberoth is a port city located to the north of the map. It unfourtunaately suffers for less-than-pefect weather being in in the northen region. Owing to it's position as a port town, its benefits greatly from inter-continental trade and a high stock of fresh food (i.e.) fish. The port is located to the west of the citie, where numerous inns/houses/shops reside.

The centre of the town hides the main square. Here people gather and it is a good place to get some useful information. North of the square is the familliar symbol of a lion and a unicorn fighting with swords: this is the warrior's guild. there's a chapter here and they need a little extra help.

East-wards of the square is the main gates to the city.

In addition, south and north-west in the city, there are also houses, where a sizable population live. South east, lies the archives, where useful information on tuberoth and other parts of Ersarn can be found. currently the town is gripped by a series of roberries and other such criminal acts. these are casued by the infamous the guild of rogues who broke away from the warrior's guild and mage's guild to form their own organisation. a plan has been put in action to stop them: the rouges of tuberoth: full walkthrough