The Rouges are a group of mysterious persons who broke away from the fighter,mage and merchent guilds and others to form their own organisation.

Their base of operations is soley limited to tuberoth, the port city. For some time now, activities involving the rogues as been increasing. Incidents have occurred involving robbery e.t.c. though most of of these acts have been 'stopped' or averted in some way, the power of the rogues seems to be increasing and pressure has been put on the fighter's guild of tuberoth and the tuberoth guard.

Recently, it has been highly suspected that the Rogue guild has been attempting to move their operations forward.

This was evidenced by the fact that locals/wanderers/travellers noticed a sort of camp near the open sea. One source comments that the area was ' heavily populated, for such a small camp'

In Tuberoth, preperations are under way to put a stop to the evil intents of the rogues. check here for the storyline