Everyone knows that in Ersarn, there are those that would prefer to live in the wild, perhaps to get away from lives troubles of living in a town or city.

It just so happens that on this quests you will find yourself in a similar situaiton. you head right from the city where you start your game. ( this is to be featured in the demo pack) check it out here. You will arrive at a deserted shrine. Tents surround the shrine. Move closely up to the shrine's door. It's a big one. you'll here some feral noises. it's best to stay away from that place, and anyway it is getting pretty dark. take rest in the tents for now. Notice, that when you wake step outside and you shall spot people coming towards you. Oops! it appears you were sleeping in their beds! talk to them, they will not attack you. Talking to them will reveal that ( apart form the fact that they will not kill you and realise you were only there because you didnt have anywhere else to stay the night owing to the large numbers of enemies in the area). They'll say that they had fled this area the shrine where they worshipped Kyrios (the god) when animals surged upon them, forcing an instance of fleeing. Talking to them will also reveal that they left to get supllies to fight the hordes. The feral noises were cause by feral beasts locked inside the shrine. You generically accept a missionto slay the multiple beasts that lie within. so basically when you go inside you have onyl one needed command. ( HACK AND SLASH!). Really, it shouldnt take you that long, the shrine is the size of standard temple, fairly large, but quick to travel around. There are a set of 6 underground rooms with more of the monsters to slay.