The good old arena. In this game, the arena is set in the city of barackeff. The arena plays a major role as a key component in this story. The city is a state of confusion as a high-ranking official is murdered in unusual circumstances. You the protagonist (insert name here) gathers information from a local or two and approaches the guards. After assisting the guards in the aftermath of this man's murder, all of you still have the prospect of the murderer still at large.

A plan is needed to draw the murderer into the open. Multiple suspects were described by the guards and it is confirmed that a fighting tournament is held to draw them out. You and one member of the barackeff guards will assist in finding the members.

The arena will consist of eight fights. you will face as many as an avergae of four of people in the arena and will start from the quater finals. (There's no point in tediously going through all those preliminaries).

The four people you'll face will be the 2 suspects and 2 other people who were lucky to get into the quaterfinals.

In between each match you can get a chance to explore the arena's underground services. These come with shops and an inn for all. This is a great chance to stock up on weapons and armour which is allowed by the tournamet's guidelines.

In addition you can get info form various people that are in and around the complex. you might even bump into one of the suspects.

When you are called up for a match, make your way in time to the arena square.

Eventually you'll face the last suspect (after 'interrogating the three others you learn they aren't the murderer) you know now he is the one who commited the murderer. (Rather elaborate just to draw out a murderer?) after you think you have beaten him, in reality what you think is his corpse is a dummy copy and he has escaped. You'll then follow him (along with the guards) to a seemingly deserted temple. Inside head down the stairs to a monster infested room with a few smaller rooms. find the right room and engage the murderer in combat. There he will tell you of his motives and what he hoped to achieve with it.

After you have finished the quest, you will get a generous reward of 200 gold and a pick of a wepaon of choice from the guard's central hall.

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