The Dueling Club is where the mighty sort out their differences. When such event occurs the looser often is killed. Some fights do not end in death but these are considered poor and the participants are often blacklisted from ever dueling again. Epic battles are watched by many and the winner can win a handsome sum of money. When these events aren't happening the common folk sometimes battle with each other. However generally they do not as most of their feuds are minor and not mortal offenses. Most of the time is spent by matches between Guilds which usually hate each other. The Dueling Club is not to be confused with The Gladiator Club which pitches people against several enemies. The Dueling Club is strictly one on one. Any interference is treated with great hostility. The last person to cheat was a bandit who launched an ambush with several of his gang and he killed his opponent. After that neither him or any of his gang, even those not involved in the incident, were ever heard of again.