Located about 100km north of demo island in the Northern Polar region of the world lies the Terra Glacies. It is a small group of 3 islands. Due to the harsh temperatures the land is pretty barren with nearly all land bare rock or snow. Little natural life can prosper in this harsh environment but you and your rivals from demo island go there in search of the Glacies Gladius s mythical sword that freezes anything it touches and once belonged to the now dead knight: Proeliator Congelo.

In ancient times he was a powerful mage and warrior. He decapitated the heads of thousands of innocents and froze their heads before eating them in a bizzare ritual to increase his power. At first Congelo's actions were tolerated because he also slew many evils beasts which could potentially wipe out mankind. It was eventually discovered that Congelo had cast a powerful spell on himself which would grant him immortality if he ate 10 000 innocent heads. Realising the threat Congelo could pose if he became immortal, his fellow humans struck a deal with the very forces of evil that threatened to wipe them out. They convinced Congelo to go to the Terra Glacies with promises of gold and thousands of innocent sacrifices waiting for him. Instead he found the entire army of evil waiting for him. He did not give up without a fight but it became appartent he was going to die. Knowing this he sacrificed himself to create a mighty implosion that sucked all of the power from him and his pursuers into his mighty broad sword. As always, evil found it's way back into the world but Proeliator Congelo was no more.

There are rumors that this sword is still in the Terra Glacies and whoever wields the sword will be able to turn any of his enemies to ice merely by striking them with it. It is also said to grant a massive bonus to any who use the power of ice. Originally your friends and yourself intend to find the sword together but after realising that all of you want the sword for yourself you decide to split up when you get to the island and the first person to find the sword can keep it, if indeed it is still there. However it will not be a simple race. Any of your rivals that you meet will likely fight you in an attempt to eliminate you from the race.

In the Terra Glacies you will be able to buy weapons and items from inuits which live on the lower lands of the Terra Glacies. There will be two exclusive mounts for the Terra Glacies: The Yak and the Polar Bear

To be continued....