• Dexterity (DEX)

Dexterity is the main attribute for Thief and Archer Classes. It increases damage caused by bows and short weapons such as daggers.

  • Strength (STR)

Strength is an important attribute for Warrior and Thief classes alike, It increases melee damage and gives a slight increase to defense.

  • Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence is the favored stat of the Mage and Cleric Classes. It increases maximum magic damage output, magic defense and maximum MP, which allows the character to cast more spells before having to rest.

  • Stamina (STA)

Stamina is an all-round stat, It increases the amount of time a character can sprint for (Not confirmed), but most of all it increases the characters maximum hit points.

  • Charisma (CHR)

Charisma is used to lower shop prices, it is also needed to activate certain events within the game