So that we can have some fun experimenting and so we can get more money (!) Eternal Glory will be making some spinoffs. They may attract people to the main game and people who have played the main game may be attracted to the spinoffs.

The spinoffs will not necessarily have a direct link but it will be the same world presumably or universe at least. For example in the tower defence version Eternal Glory Tower Defence or Eternal Tower Defence, whatever we call it, we may have archers that were in the main game. We may even have have a hero from the main game e.g. Arachnon spitting poison at your enemies.

There might be a direct link from the eternal glory game and some spinoffs. For example in the Eternal Glory Fabricator where you have a hero and you kill enemies (with clicks of the mouse and hotkeys) and you absorb experience orbs and become bigger/better almost instantaneously. You may be able to get your Eternal Glory main character to play the game. However it will probably not be able to work vice versa as experience will probably not be balanced between both games. It is ok for the fabricator because it's more of a fun, laidback game.