If you want to be more than a peasant in this game you will need to master your skills. For warriors and rangers skills are essential. For mages and other classes skills are everything. Warriors can do the most natural damage but skills can seriously boost the damage and defence. Mages have comparatively weak natural or base damage and rely on skills to either boost it or to make far more powerful attacks. For mages it is often the case that mana is required for skills but it can be anything from health to nothing at all.

For example, warrior skill sacrifice enables the user to do massive damage, 10 times more than usual, but all the damage is sent to the user as well as the enemy. This skill requires no activation cost but clearly health is lost.

Ranger skill sniper allows the user to shoot arrows with twice the power and range but shooting takes twice as long. This skill has no cost.

Mage skill eternal fire causes a veil of fire around the user which damages any enemies in combat with it. The spell drains a costly 10 mana per second.

Another mage skill, lightning bolt attacks the enemy and stuns it for 5 seconds. The spell costs 60 mana at base level.

Skills can be divided into 3 types: