In Eternal Glory the user may choose their own race aswell as their sex which makes the game less linear and re-playable. Races have their own advantages and disadvantages. No race will penalise players if they choose a class that does not work well with the race but they may miss out on benefits that could be gained from another race. For a list of all stats and explanations click stats

  • Humans are the best race for starters who don't know what they are doing. They are an

all-rounder type race that get a +2 to everything meaning the player can't really go wrong and can try out any type of play and then decide to try a different style without being obligated to any style of play. E.g. Ogres make good melee combatants but have difficulty speaking and so have extreme difficulty anything intelligence involved. Of course the players stats will change over time to suit what the player wants but at the start it will make a big difference.

  • Ogres are essentially just large pieces of meat which don't die and hit hard. For this reason they gain bonuses for strength and health +15 but do not get any bonus whatsoever for any other skills. Ogres lack the ability to think about more than one thing at a time and so have trouble with intelligence. Although an ogre flailing wildly at your face is quite intimidating, the ogres lack any great speed.
  • Lizardmen are basically reptile which have evolved to become erectus and have gained increased intelligence. They have a simillar all-round kind of stat type to humans but it's more varied:

Blades +3 Knives +3 Blunt Weapons +1 Long Range Melee +2 Bowes +1 Throwing +3 Offensive Magic +3 Defensive Magic +2 Agility +4 Strength +1 Forge +1 Sneak +3 Block + 1 Intelligence +1 Health +1

Lizardmen are fundamentally creatures of stealth. They lack much strength and therefore have only a +1 bonus to the heavier weapons. They are however skilled with ligthweight weapons and have good stealth. Lizardmen make reasonable mages, especially in fire.

  • Demons are powerful creatures with strong attack but they lack in defence. If you choose this race it may be a good idea to improve your weaknesses.

Blades 0 Knives 0 Blunt Weapons 0 Long Range Melee 0 Bowes 0 Throwing 0 Offensive Magic +10 Defensive Magic 0 Agility +5 Strength +4 Forge 0 Sneak +3 Block +3 Intelligence +2 Health +3

As you can see from the bonus stats the main strength of demons is their offensive magic. However they also have good speed and strength so can make good mages or warriors. They have no bonus to weapons so the user is either free to pick as they choose or they're at a disadvantage to other races (ogres' strength counter-acts lack of weapon skill) depending on the player's opinion.