• short blade
  • long blade
  • dagger
  • hammer
  • axe
  • mace
  • spear
  • halberd
  • pike
  • shortbow
  • longow
  • throwing knives
  • staff
  • magic
  • block
  • agility
  • strength
  • forge
  • sneak

I, andy, thought I'd have a go at making some sprites. I made my sprite and it was reasonable, well kind of. Then I was told that it needed animation. I thought all I need is two frames. I basically reversed the image, or got some one better at flash to do it. It didn't work so great and it gained the name Epileptic Lizard because or the ridiculous movement and flashyness. The epileptic lizard may appear in the game as an easter egg in certain places. The epileptic lizard keeps a private life and so his myspace is set to private and his phone number is It was once said that epileptic lizard was comparable to Ghandi.

Notable comments:

  • "It's eyes don't even stay in the same place"
  • "No way are we having that"
  • "It looks like it has 6 legs"
  • "No Andy Led"

As the Epileptic Lizard is so shy he is not even on his page (or I forgot how to put images on a page). However if you look carefully and be a good boy for Santa you may be lucky enough to find him in this wiki. It may actually be in the game

But we all know, that owen is getting kicked out of our group anyway