They say money makes the world go round and it is no different in the world of Eternal Glory. With enough money the player can buy obscenely effective weapons and armour. Of course the user may not be of a high enough level to use these weapons but even then with enough money mercenaries can be hired to do your dirty work i.e. allies far stronger than you. You will learn the true value of eternal glory money as you progress through the game.

To avoid large numbers money is divided into different coinage:

  • Joals
  • Gold
    • 100 Joals
  • Oasts
    • 100 Gold
    • 10000 Joals
  • Itins
    • 1000 Oasts
    • 100000 Gold
    • 10000000 Joals
  • Anstrons
    • 1000 Itins
    • 1000000 Oasts
    • 100000000 Gold
    • 10000000000 Joals

(If my 10 o'clock maths serves me well)

Obviously there is a reason for these divisions as you can clearly see. At the start one Anstron may seem a ridiculous amount but later on you may have hundreds of them.