The hunters guild is a guild who kill animals for money and take their hides as a reward. A small guild relative to the warrior's guild and mage's guild.

The leader of the hunters is young and reckless and is said only to be leader because his father was before him but his father died on a hunt of a minotaur he went with 2 companions but none returned, his son went into the forest and found the bodies ripped to pieces, it didn't look like the work of a minotaur...

Join if you want money but be wary this is not for the light hearted. The hunters guild accepts all recruits who can pass a simple test of skill, to hunt and collect the fangs of 5 hogriffs.

The hunters guild will give the rank of Beast-slayer to the greatest hunters in the land and are given a special amulet which will increase a hunters abilities greatly, but you must prove yourself to the master.


Apprentice, Hunter, Beast-Hunter, Slayer, Beast-Slayer, Master