In syrindof, there are many guilds that can be found all over the map. Each town or city you visit is bound to have a guild of some sort. From joining these guilds, you can obtain many bonuses and rewards. For instance, everybody in the guild likes you more, and many items you wish to purchase can be purchased at a reduced price. You will also be given a slew of orders form each guild and can advance through the ranks of the guild. The higher the rank, the more authority and reputation you gain. This can have significant effects on your relationships with other people.

Being part of a Guild is a great way to make a living and can change the nature of your game in many ways.

Here are a list of Guilds so far:

Warrior's guild

Mage's guild

Hunters guild

Merchant's guild

Assasin's guild

The guild of rogues ( do not take on the responsibillities of the rogues if you are in tuberoth. Though they stationed themselves in this town, there is an active quest in the town conercning actions against the rogues. If you wish to do this town quest, then you must not join the rogues. however, once this town quest is completed, you will be unable to join the rogues)