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Welcome to the wiki for the game Eternal Glory. We are currently working on some stuff for the game you can check out here. Eternal Glory is a RPG (Role Playing Game) in which you have to stop an evil cult (The Eradicators) from destroying the world by travelling around an entire island, interacting with the wide community spectrum and battling an array of enemies ranging from goblins to dragons to the head of the Eradicators. editing help

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You arrive to the island via ship and slowly walk off-deck to take your first glimpse of the vast landscape's island. The great Josh-Wa (your trainer) leads you up a path through the mountains. The other recruits look nervous but why shouldn't they be? Only the chosen few worthy to call themselves heroes make it through this isle. Josh-wa takes you past to a clearing within the mountainsl; there you see the training facility. A large building with more than enough space for these recruits.......check out the rest here

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September 7 2012
Starting to build the game in python just to see what will happen really.

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