Ersarn is one of the main superpowers ins the world of Vertrusia. Within the realm of Ersarn, lies six major continents. Each of these continents holds great power in its own right. As a result, Ersarn was in the past close to war. Thankfully, each nation appears to be at peace. The sixth major power is one that has shielded itself from internal affaris of the rest of Ersarn. Little ia known about it by outsiders.

Below are the six continents:

1 (Erkrition)). Erkrition is the home of the Elves and is located to the west of Syrindof, the central continent of Ersarn. It is the third largest of the continents. The continent is of an angular shape.. culturally, it is rich in Folklore . It is known for the lavishness of the stories it produces.

2 (Shearantis). This is the continent located to the north of Erkrition. like Erkrition, Shearantis is home to elves. these elves are different. They are known as the Shadow elves. These were a race of elven creatures banished from Erkrition long ago. Many Fear to tread within this shadowy realm.

3: (Keragar). This is the land home to the ogres. culturally, the continent is quite liberal save for the few devotees. They always travel and a quite brutish at times, but are quite friendly nevertheless. The continent itself is reminiscent of germanic culture, and is quite deserty at times.

4:(Tealen) Tealen is the home to the aquatice creatures known as the huelmes. The huelmes come in many varied forms. The land is steeped in ancient culture, and is mysterious and beautiful as its mysteirous and beautiful inhabitants. not just tealen, the huelmes inhabit all known waters.

5: ( Syrindof) This is one of the main starting points in the original design of the game. However, because of a new version of the game in development, the fate of Syrindof is open to question........

6: ( Forah) This is the 6th continent of Ersarn and the setting for the new version of the game. Details surrounding it will be revealed in time. What is known so far is that this power shields itself from the mundan internal affairs of regular Ersarn. every year it sends 20 troops for the main island of syrindof and must help keep the world safe