Cities are all over Ersarn the usual towns and villages but serve the same basic purpose only better. They will have places to rest, shops for items, clothing, weapons. They will usually be part of major storylines as opposed to subquests that you will find in villages. Cities are sometimes more expensive than villages and towns in terms of items but they are superior in that they have nearly everything. For example if a player wanted materials for a forge he would have to go to a few towns and many villages depending on the forge. He could probably get all the items from a city. Also you will not save much by this method unless you by en masse ,i.e. a lot, because the prices only vary slightly. A noob player may even effectively loose money (not save) because some items are cheaper in cities due to supply and demand.

Main CitiesEdit

This will be updated continually.

Note: Tabaor is not counted as a city here as it no longer functions as one.