There's an isolated village on the mainland, in a secluded point within a lagoon, cut off by a mountain range. You hear rumours of the goblins arriving and 'attacking' the village via a disused base. This is katakun, a military base disused and last since used in a great war a decade ago.

The purpose of Katakun, is a pretty much standard fare: your hero is given a set of objectives to complete in an attempt to annihilate the goblin hoard and reclaim the base with many skirmishes against goblins and residing wildlife combined with several challenges to entice the hero into unleashing his intellect.

However, the goblins have been assembling themselves on the coastline equipped with several battleships: the first of these has already made its way to the training facility. Clearly the goblins are being led by a far higher race, and this battle could soon escalate into another bloodthirsty war!