The Great CreationEdit

The world started at the birth of mankind itself. The gods where originally one whole being who was torn between what it should do. So it split itself into twelve beings and shared the jobs out equally. Each part was given something to create and made the land and the seas and the skies. The land was beutiful and so the twelve gods created an unimaginable amount of creatures. From these only a select few were selected. The most promising and the most adapted towards the world. The rest where sent into the Chaos and so the last god to be created was given charge of this. His name was Merlork and he was the fairest of all thouse created. He was given the job of keeping everything away from the world that was not yet ready to be introduced. And so Merlork went into the Chaos. Naturally time in such a place can have an effect on even the wisest of beings and when he returned around 100 AT things had changed greatly.